Explore Our Lucky Lineup of Lunar New Year Gifts and Chocolates

Our Year of the Dragon treats are full of luck (and delectable flavor).

Representing togetherness and tasty traditions, Lunar New Year is one of those special celebrations we always look forward to sharing with you! And since we’re simply over the moon about the festivities, we decided to dive into the holiday’s history, as well as our collection of delicious Lunar New Year gifts and treats.

What is Lunar New Year?
A time for family gatherings and spectacular festivals, Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays across Asia. In different cultures, the festivities begin on the first new moon of the lunar calendar and each year cycles through one of the 12 symbolic animals in the Chinese zodiac. In 2024, we’ll ring in the mighty Year of the Dragon!

To embrace new beginnings and usher in good luck and prosperity for the new year, families typically enjoy delicious feasts, clean their homes and treat children to red envelopes filled with cash. (Lucky them!)

Vibrant red lanterns, firecrackers and dancers donning colorful lion costumes also flood the streets during the holiday’s Lunar New Year festival. This exciting time is always filled with fun, tradition and joy — all values we at See’s Candies hold very dear to our hearts.

Delight Loved Ones with Scrumptious Lunar New Year Gifts
In many Asian cultures, red and gold symbolizes good fortune and joy — that’s why our commemorative, red and gold-wrapped chocolates are fantastic for Lunar New Year gifts and festivities.

For those much-anticipated family reunions, bring along one of our Lunar New Year Assorted Chocolates. Covered in our special edition red and gold wrap, this gift showcases beautifully illustrated lanterns and flowers. Finished off with a bright red ribbon, this festive packaging always adds a meaningful touch to sentimental get-togethers.

Our Lunar New Year Gold Coins are another certified hit for the lucky occasion. Bundled in a special box adorned with gold-lined branches, flowers and a bright red lantern, our gold-foiled milk chocolate coins taste like delicious fortune in every bite.

Packaged in an eye-catching red box, our Celebration Toffee-ettes® also make for a great treat at Lunar New Year parties. Both festive and scrumptious, these milk chocolate-covered nuggets of Danish butter toffee and roasted almonds are a sure-fire favorite.

Treat Yourself to Lunar New Year Deliciousness
Welcoming the new year is also about rewarding ourselves! That’s why our Lunar New Year Dark Chocolates make for the perfect indulgent delight. Wrapped in the same fun wrap, this red and gold gift envelops decadent truffles, brittles, caramels and more.

Don’t think we forgot about our crunch and chew lovers! Our classic 1 lb Nuts & Chews also gets a Dragon-approved makeover with a commemorative gift wrap. Filled with nuts, nougats and more, this delectable treat pairs deliciously with red envelopes.

Festively Golden Gifts for Delectably Good Luck
In many Asian cultures, gold is thought to represent good fortune, wealth and prosperity. Packed in a glinting gold box and wrapped in a sheer organza bow, our Gold Fancy makes for a perfectly festive gift for the celebration. Brimming with one pound of rich dark chocolates, creamy milk chocolates, brittles, caramels and nutty delights, this indulgent present is one impressive way to usher in the new year.

Take it up a notch with our Gift of Elegance®, another extraordinary golden gift filled with good luck (and great flavor). This assortment includes four scrumptious pounds of milk chocolates, dark chocolates, truffles, nuts and beloved See’s specialty pieces. Irresistible for the whole family, this gift is simply too good to last all 15 days.

Wishing You a Lunar New Year Full of Joy!
Lunar New Year is always such a special occasion for us at See’s Candies. Whether you’re feasting with family or enjoying the festivals, we hope the new year brings you more fortune, prosperity and chocolate!

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