Festive Día De Los Muertos Candies and Gifts.

Enjoy our vibrant collection inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead in English, is all about family and tradition — two things we at See’s Candies hold dear to our hearts. To honor this beautiful holiday, we wanted to dive into its history, festivities and, of course, customary sweets. You know we’d never skip a treat!

What is Día de los Muertos?
Celebrated November 1 – 2, Día de los Muertos traces back thousands of years to Central Mexico and represents a special two-day reunion with the souls of loved ones who have passed. Its festivities include celebrating at parades, decorating colorful home altars (called ofrendas) and feasting!

Although chocolate is not widely included in the occasion, the holiday calls for sweets in various regions across Mexico. The most widely enjoyed is pan de muertos, or Bread of the Dead, a fluffy loaf sprinkled with sugar and topped with bone-shaped bread pieces.

Similarly filled with meaning and sugary goodness, vibrantly decorated sugar skulls (calaveras) are often placed on the ofrenda and carved with the name of the deceased. Although these treats aren’t meant to be eaten, there’s thankfully no shortage of Día de los Muertos sweets to devour. Caramel flan, Mexican hot chocolate and candied pumpkins seasoned with cinnamon and sugar are all happily enjoyed during the holiday.

The festivities aren’t limited to those who have passed! Día de los Muertos gifts for family and friends, like food, drinks and flowers, are also common and always happily received.

Make Memories with Day of the Dead Gifts
Thinking of Día de los Muertos gifts for loved ones? Look no further than our Day of the Dead chocolates and candies. Although chocolate isn’t a traditional gift, these tasty treats will still bring smiles.

Add a sweet finish to your Day of the Dead festivities with our Día de los Muertos Assorted Chocolates, a mix of creamy, nutty, chewy pieces wrapped in rich milk and dark chocolate. Packed with crunchy nuts, buttery caramel and more, our Día de los Muertos Nuts & Chews is another great pick for gifts. Both boxes come in wraps decorated with vibrant, colorful skulls and also feature bright marigolds.

Our Mini Skull Box is a certified people-pleaser. This enchanting, skull-adorned box holds approximately eight pieces of delectable chocolates.

Día de los Muertos Lollypop tins in the shape of skulls also make for charming gifts. These collectibles add a festive flair to all our Lolly flavors. Available in shops only, they’re worth the trip to See’s.

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