Celebrate New Year's Eve in Style with See's Candies & Chocolates

Why Hello, 2023!

A new year means one thing — 365 more reasons to celebrate with See’s. And if you haven’t already heard, candy is the new champagne, which in and of itself is cause for countdowns and confetti! So make some noise and have a ball (while trying to stay awake until midnight) with our dazzling New Year’s chocolates and candies.

When Timeless Meets Trending
If celebrating over 100 new years has taught us anything, it’s that old acquaintances should never be forgotten. As you start to think about getting together with your new year’s crew, mix it up by pairing something classic with something current. And the best way to do that is with a new year’s candy cuterie board.

Festive and satisfying, there are countless ways to customize these spreads and include something for everyone’s tastes. We’re partial to Milk Bordeaux™ and Dark Scotchmallow® combined with Extra Fancy Mixed Salted Nuts and Red Licorice Medallions®.

Then again, adding warm and welcoming fresh baked goodies to your spread is always a good idea. Our super-sized Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips make the best chocolate chip cookies (Pro tip: there’s an extra-delicious recipe on the back of the bag). For even more flavor, add pieces of our old-fashioned Peanut Brittle made from Mary See’s original recipe.

We’re pretty sure that no matter what you choose to build your candy cuterie board with, it will be something to celebrate.

Where’s the Party?
Set off fireworks this New Year’s Eve by resolving to make any party shine with one of our brilliant new year’s gift ideas.

Packed with fan favorites, including Soft Centers, Nuts & Chews, Truffles and more, collections like the Gift of Elegance® or Large Gold Fancy make perfect party favors. Or, if you know everyone’s favorites, creating a Custom Mix will turn any gathering into a good time.

Near, Far or Wherever You Are
Cannot be face-to-face with family and friends? Set up a video chat and have new year's candies delivered to their door. Together you can count down to the end of 2022 with the all-new Snack Collection box or with the decadent Bridge Mix. And, of course, any New Year’s Eve toast wouldn’t be complete without the unforgettable taste experience of our milk and dark chocolate Truffles.

Cheers to You For Making It Through 2022
We’re not going to sugarcoat it (which is really unlike us), but we have a feeling 2023 is going to be an incredible year. Get it started on the right note with our assortment of new year's candies and new year’s chocolates from See’s.

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