Build a Custom Box

Create a custom mix of candy favorites for you or someone special.

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Hints for Creating Your Perfect Custom Mix
  • You can choose up to 10 different candy varieties for each Custom Mix box. A 1lb box can hold up to 26 pieces, however the actual number of pieces in your box will depend on the candies that you choose, and their respective weight(s).
  • Since each candy variety has a different weight, we pack boxes based on a percentage system and will put the candy into the appropriately-sized packaging for the volume.
  • Click on What's Inside under each candy piece for more detailed descriptions about the flavors and centers.
  • To remove a flavor from your box, click on "remove", or reduce the % to zero.
  • Most importantly, have fun!
Size Comparison
  • 1 lb (26 Pieces) - Gift to someone else or yourself.
  • 2 lb (52 Pieces) - Share with family and friends.
  • 3 lb (78 Pieces) - Take to a party or share with the office.
  • 5 lb (130 Pieces) - Share with a large group of 25-30 people!

And don't forget, our candies are made without added preservatives, so enjoy them right away (as if we had to say that!).