See’s Top 10 Best Easter Basket Candy Ideas

They’re so good, you just might need a bigger basket...

There’s nothing quite like building a personalized Easter basket with eye-catching, but more importantly, scrumptious treats. (We like to call it DIY deliciousness.)

So, in the spirit of the occasion, we compiled a list of our most hunt-worthy chocolate eggs, bunnies and limited-time sweets. Can you say best basket ever?

Outdo the Bunny with Wow-Worthy Easter Basket Gifts

  1. Happy Bunny House
    Our brand-new Happy Bunny House makes for a basket standout (almost) too cute to eat. Peek into the windows of this adorable, house-shaped box and you’ll find a creamy Little Milk Chocolate Bunny and Little White Chocolate Bunny nestled inside. Easter idea for kids: hide these happy hares for the annual hunt!

  2. Some Bunny Loves You Tin
    Have you heard? Our beautiful Some Bunny Loves You Tin is an impressive gift that elevates any and every Easter basket. Adorned with a playful design, this refillable keepsake is a forever gift they’ll cherish for years to come. Plus, it makes for charming Sunday brunch decor!

  3. Bunny & Chick Box
    Designed with an adorable pair of cuties, our Bunny & Chick Box is a sweet and simple addition to any Easter basket. Brimming with colorful, foil-wrapped eggs and all-year milk and dark chocolates, this tasty filler is a sure-fire favorite.

  4. The Hunt Is Over for Easter Basket Classics
    Chocolate Bunnies. All of Them.
    See’s Candies has celebrated 102 Easters, and over the years we’ve assembled a delectable collection of chocolate bunnies. Milk, dark, white, tall, little or mini — we have them all! Beautifully wrapped in foil and made of smooth, premium chocolate, these classics are an Easter basket essential. The real question is where to start: heads or tails?

  5. Assorted Eggs
    Topped with a pretty candy flower, our signature, cream-filled Assorted Eggs look amazing (and taste even better). In this six-piece assortment lies our deliciously smooth Chocolate Butter Eggs, Vanilla Chip Eggs and Bordeaux™ Eggs.

  6. Chocolate Butter Egg
    Our smooth, rich Chocolate Butter Egg is a See’s seasonal icon for a reason. Weighing in at a mouthwatering 4 oz, these buttercreams are a delightful Easter basket treat, great for hiding... or keeping for yourself.

  7. Rocky Road Egg
    We here at See’s take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to quality, and that’s why we’re always so excited about our hand-decorated chocolate eggs! Adorned with exquisite candy flowers, our 9.5 oz Rocky Road Egg is meticulously hand-made by our incredible candy makers. This one-of-a-kind marvel makes for a truly unforgettable addition to any personalized Easter basket.

  8. Add Color to Your Easter Baskets with Fresh and Fruity Flavors
    Sour Bunnies
    These chewy lemon, green apple, tangerine and berry Sour Bunnies are tart, chewy and so-very-cute. Perfect for brightening up any basket, these gummies are always a popular pick. So, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!

  9. Jelly Bird Eggs
    Bring some mouthwatering tartness to your basket with our fun Jelly Bird Eggs. Bursting with lime, lemon and cherry flavors, these bites start with a candy bead-coated crunch and end with a delightful chew. These colorful jellies always add a vibrant pop to Easter baskets, and they’re great for springtime candy dishes!

  10. Springtime Truffles
    Looking to elevate your basket? Celebrate the season with our limited-time Springtime Truffles! Five white chocolate-coated lemon and raspberry truffles come together in a special, easy-to-give box — perfect to gift on its own. Alternatively, you could put out these truffles on a beautiful Easter dessert tray.

  11. We Wish You a Very Hoppy Easter!
    Whether you’re hosting Sunday brunch or planning a hunt for all your little bunnies, we hope you have a great Easter! From hand-decorated eggs to curated pre-packed gift sets, we always love being a part of special moments and traditions during this fun-filled holiday.

This year, you can celebrate with us by checking out our full Easter collection online or in shops and sharing your Sunday celebrations by tagging @seescandies on social media!

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