Love at First Bite with Seeā€™s Valentineā€™s Day Gift Guide

Our hearts are full ā€” of chocolate!

Itā€™s February, and love is in the air! That means our deliciously delightful 2023 Valentineā€™s Day gift guide is making its debut! Overflowing with love ā€” and ideas ā€” itā€™s packed with the perfect presents for classmates, colleagues, galentines and sweethearts. And with something in every price range, youā€™ll never miss a beat. Are we speaking your love language yet?

Delicious Classroom Deliveries for Valentineā€™s Day
Valentineā€™s gifts and parties are always a treat for students (of course, anything to get out of a math test!), and itā€™s not hard to see why. Filled with cards, crafts and candy, thereā€™s a lot to love about this holiday. And you can make it even more memorable by attaching foil wrapped Milk Chocolate Hearts or Dark Chocolate Hearts, a classic Lollypop or sweet & tangy Sour Hearts to classroom cards. Oh, and donā€™t forget to show your teachers a little love with something special like a ScotchmallowĀ® Heart, the newly designed Mini Valentine Heart or classic Mini Red Assortments.

A Whole Lot of Valentineā€™s Day Family Love
Family life can be busy between work, school, social activities and everything else that keeps you on the run. Valentineā€™s Day is the ideal time to slow down, express affection and partake in a delicious moment. Younger members of the brood will fall for the adorably decorated Llama Love Box, while everyone else will find total bliss in the Pink Wishes Heart. Both are packed with a flavorful collection of our most popular chocolates. Now we realize that sometimes your loved ones want more than chocolate (yes, we can admit it). If that sounds familiar, then the Owl You Need is Love Box, with its yummy assortment of sour jelly beans, milk chocolate hearts and our famous Lollypops, will definitely melt their hearts.

Spread Joy to Galentineā€™s, Coworkers & Everyone In Between
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Our Valentineā€™s Day gifts are sweeter than dinner for two! Celebrate Galentineā€™s Day or express affection for friends and colleagues with gifts of gratitude. Treat gal pals to the Happy Galentineā€™s Day Assortment featuring a collection of milk and dark chocolates or get your best buddy a carefully curated Custom Mix in a beautifully wrapped, heart-shaped box. On the other hand, your work friends canā€™t help but love the fan favorites in the Mini Valentine Heart, the sweet and savory flavor of the Peanut Butter Hearts or the decadence of Strawberry Truffles bursting with fruit flavor.

Cupid Approved Candies & Gifts for Your Sweetheart
Nothing revs up romance as quickly as Valentineā€™s Day candy! Your gifts are guaranteed to be on the mark with our festive Love-struck Tin and dapperly dressed Tuxedo Heart ā€” both come in keepsake packages that will last long after the candy. If timeless charm is what youā€™re aiming for, choose from one of our Classic Red Heart Boxes filled with your choice of Assorted Chocolates, Nuts & Chews, Dark Chocolates and more. If your goal is to make a swoon-worthy statement, the Ultimate Heart Box is exactly what you want. With over 3 lbs of chocolate, this seriously impressive assortment will send hearts racing.

Follow Your Heartā€¦Straight to Seeā€™s!
From small gestures to big declarations of love, our decked out and delicious Valentineā€™s Day chocolate and Valentineā€™s Day candy is elegant inside and out. And with so much to choose from, we have plenty of ways to make showing (and gifting) love easier than ever.

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