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Milk chocolates: The very words conjure up wonderful thoughts of gooey goodness and tasty treats.

Top 10 Milk Chocolates
It’s no wonder milk chocolate candies are some of the most popular sweets See’s makes. But if you ask our customers to pick their favorite, we bet they’d each give you a different answer.

Since we’re all family, we’re going to share a little secret with you - we’ve had our debates about which See’s milk chocolate candy is the best! So, we knew it was time to put the argument (or should we say healthy discussion) to rest.

In fact, we made it our mission to ask chocolate lovers about their top See’s milk chocolate choices and put together a list of the top 10. Wondering which of your All-American candy favs made the list? Let’s not keep you in suspense any longer! We present to you the See’s Candies Top 10 milk chocolates.

  1. Milk Pecan Buds
    Plump pecans to satisfy your craving for crunchiness. Rich vanilla caramel for a touch of indulgence. Smooth milk chocolate generously coats each delicious cluster. Is there a more perfect blend of ingredients? Probably not, which is why it’s not surprising Milk Pecan Buds made it to the top spot on the list - they are a true See’s classic.

  2. Milk Butterscotch Square
    One of our most timeless treats, the Milk Butterscotch Square, is simplicity at its finest. This decadent blend of brown sugar, heavy cream and sweet vanilla is mixed with the highest attention to detail and quality, then coated with rich chocolate. Just the best-quality ingredients used in our authentic American-made way.

  3. Milk Bordeaux™
    Thanks to its heavenly goodness, the Milk Bordeaux™ is one of See’s bestselling chocolates. And why wouldn’t it be? The perfect pairing of milk chocolate and creamy brown sugar topped with chocolate sprinkles always leaves you wanting more.

  4. Milk Butterchew®
    Whether you’re in the mood for a chocolate treat or a chewy caramel, See’s creamy melt-in-the-mouth Milk Butterchew® ticks all the boxes. With a brown sugar caramel center enrobed in the thickest and smoothest coating of milk chocolate, caramel lovers cannot resist eating an entire box.

  5. Milk California Brittle®
    If you just can’t decide between the buttery taste of toffee or the crunch of almonds, our Milk California Brittle® is the answer. A melt-in-your-mouth toffee brittle generously coated in milk chocolate brings the essence of all your favorites together in a one-of-a-kind confection.

  6. Milk Rum Nougat
    What could be more decadent than a cornucopia of fruit, nuts, chocolate and rum? Nothing really - and our Milk Rum Nougat proves it. Each mouthwatering morsel is packed with creamy nougat, Glace cherries, English walnuts and plump California raisins mixed with rum flavoring and covered in smooth milk chocolate. An exciting treat for candy lovers of all ages.

  7. Milk Chocolate Almonds
    Sometimes the simplest pleasures give us the most joy. We believe this is true for one of our newest confections - Milk Chocolate Almonds. See’s uses the finest roasted California almonds, drenching them in our signature milk chocolate. It may sound simple, but when you start with the finest fresh ingredients, something deliciously special will follow.

  8. Milk Peanut Crunch
    Nothing quite takes you back to childhood like peanut butter. Thankfully, See’s Milk Peanut Crunch is a grown-up version of every kid’s favorite. Pairing roasted peanuts with smooth milk chocolate, this sweet yet savory snack is the chunky crunch you've been dreaming of.

  9. Milk Chocolate Buttercream
    There are times when only double chocolate will do, and those times call for Milk Chocolate Buttercream. A creamy soft chocolate liquor and butter center doused in rich milk chocolate means you get double indulgence in a single bite.

  10. Milk Almond Square
    Gorgeous to look at and even better to taste, the classic Milk Almond Square deserves its place in our top ten. A must-have for any nut lover, the roasted almonds are the perfect companion to its rich vanilla caramel. But why stop there? We’ve dipped half the square in milk chocolate for an extra sweet treat.

Tastebud Tingling Treats
From decadent butterchews to crunchy nut brittle, See’s has the perfect types of milk chocolate for everyone.

So why not indulge by building your own box - packed with your top milk chocolate treats - to eat on your own or share with family and friends. And if you just can’t decide, we have pre-packed assortments like Nuts & Chews, Soft Centers and classic assorted milk chocolates.

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