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Over the years, See’s American-made dark chocolate has earned a reputation as the ultimate treat for anyone who loves sophisticated sweets.

Top 10 Dark Chocolates
It should come as no surprise that our dark chocolate candies have found their way into the hearts and minds of our customers. After all, these flavorful treats truly exude something special. So much so that we’re confident each customer will tell you they have their very own favorite.

But it isn’t just our customers who have their own top tasty treat. Even our See’s family can’t agree on the best dark chocolate in our selection. So, to answer this eternal question, we searched high and low for trustworthy tasters. Those lucky dark chocolate lovers tried and tested our treats and put together this top 10 list.

  1. Dark Scotchmallow®
    Is there anything better than smooth caramel layered with honey marshmallow and covered in rich, dark chocolate? Not really, so we can’t say we’re surprised the Dark Scotchmallow® took the top spot. This decadent treat melts in the mouth with its rich, indulgent flavors and just the right mix of chewiness.

  2. Dark Chocolate Almonds
    Sometimes it just takes two quality ingredients to make something truly magical. And our new Dark Chocolate Almonds are no exception. We smother roasted California almonds in the finest dark chocolate for a mouth-watering crunch that never disappoints.

  3. Dark California Brittle®
    Almonds or toffee? Why settle for one? Pairing the crunch of California almonds with the buttery goodness of classic brittle, our Dark California Brittle® is a unique and timeless indulgence. We’re certainly not shocked to find it toward the top of this list.

  4. Dark Marzipan
    Dating back to the eighth century, marzipan is one of the world’s most ancient treats. See’s has added to the legend of this decadent confection (as only we can) by combining traditional almond paste with honey undertones and an elegant dark chocolate coating. We’re confident our Dark Marzipan is a sophisticated treat that conjures up the magic of Arabian Nights.

  5. Dark Bordeaux™
    With its beautiful blend of buttery brown sugar and rich dark chocolate, it’s no wonder that the Dark Bordeaux™ is one of our bestsellers. Each morsel exudes heavenly goodness, while the chocolate sprinkles add just a hint of crunch. The result is a textured and timeless treat that deserves its place in our top ten.

  6. Dark Salted Caramel
    While we can’t take credit for adding salt to caramel, we can claim ownership of our very own Dark Salted Caramel. We enrobe brown sugar caramel in rich dark chocolate, so the salty and sweet tastes dance on your tongue. But the real icing on the cake - or topping on the candy - is the dash of sea salt sprinkled on top.

  7. Dark Chocolate Buttercream
    There’s only one thing more delicious than dark chocolate - double dark chocolate! We created our Dark Chocolate Buttercream for those times when only the chocolatiest treat will do. A center of creamy soft butter and chocolate liquor melts on your tongue. Meanwhile, the rich, thick coating of dark chocolate adds a truly indulgent edge that no one can beat.

  8. Dark Butterchew®
    Can’t decide if you’re in the mood for caramel or chocolate? Then our Dark Butterchew® is the solution you need. A rich coating of thick dark chocolate is the perfect pairing to a buttery brown sugar center. With just a touch of sweet vanilla, it’s an indulgent morsel that guarantees you happiness with every bite.

  9. Dark Pecan Bud
    A top choice amongst nut lovers everywhere, our Dark Pecan Bud popped up effortlessly in the top 10. Pairing plump pecans with rich vanilla caramel and smooth dark chocolate, this candy never fails to delight. Seemingly simple, it’s a timeless treat that is a testament to our dedication to using the highest quality ingredients.

  10. Dark Molasses Chip
    There’s something unique about the pairing of flavorful dark chocolate and crispy honeycomb wafers. Our Dark Molasses Chip taps into this incredible combination to create an authentic taste sensation. The sweetness of molasses blended with the dark chocolate coating results in a spectacular, instant classic.

Dark and Delicious
From the beauty of brittle to the elegance of marzipan, our top ten list shows that See’s has mastered the art of dark chocolate with an extensive range of flavors. And with so many choices, there’s no doubt we’ve got something for everyone.

So, why not treat your family to an assortment of dark chocolate favorites? Build your own box now or create a Custom Mix as a delicious gift. If you can’t decide, we have pre-packed assortments for all dark chocolate lovers, from Nuts & Chews to Soft Centers or our classic assorted dark chocolates.

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