See’s Candies Top 10 Caramel and Butterscotch Candies

Did somebody say caramel?

Calling all caramel lovers! We’re proud to introduce our brand-new For the Love of Caramel box, a specially curated collection of all our rich, buttery caramels.

In honor of this delectable, new, one-of-a-kind assortment, we compiled the definitive list of our top See’s caramel candies, plus some of our most mouthwatering butterscotch delights. (Warning: this list may cause cravings.)

Top 10 See’s Caramel and Butterscotch Candies

  1. Milk Butterscotch Square
    We’re starting off with a scrumptious classic. This fan favorite features a mix of firm brown sugar, vanilla and heavy cream, coated in silky milk chocolate. Satisfyingly indulgent and oh-so-smooth, this butterscotch candy is timeless piece that’ll leave you wanting more... much more.

  2. Milk Butterchew®
    Our Milk Butterchew® is the quintessential See’s Candies caramel. Buttery brown sugar caramel gets drenched in smooth milk chocolate, resulting in a confection no one can resist.

  3. Dark Scotchmallow®
    You guessed it. A list of top See’s Candies caramel candies wouldn’t be complete without our iconic Dark Scotchmallow®! A layer of fluffy, honey marshmallow, buttery caramel and mouthwatering dark chocolate come together to create this double-decker of pure deliciousness. Perfectly chewy and rich, our Scotchmallow® is a certified See’s Candies caramel classic for a reason.

  4. Polar Bear Paw®
    Our nutty, creamy Polar Bear Paws® are sure to satisfy any growling tummy. Roasted, salted peanuts and buttery caramel are covered in smooth white chocolate to make the perfect crunchy and chewy treat. This seasonal sweet hibernates for most of the year, so get your paws on them whenever you can!

  5. Pecan Buds
    OK, this may be cheating, but we just can’t choose! Both our Milk Pecan Buds and Dark Pecan Buds are crunchy, chewy, rich... need we say more? Whether you go for smooth milk chocolate or rich dark chocolate, our premium pecan halves and buttery caramel make for one delicious duo.

  6. Butterscotch Lollypops
    Savor the flavors of heavy cream and butter in our long-lasting Butterscotch Lollys. These best-selling butterscotch candies are fan faves, and great on-the-go when you need a tasty pick-me-up!

  7. Milk Caramel Pattie
    Our Milk Caramel Pattie is every caramel candy lover’s dream. Simple, yet irresistibly flavorful, this milk chocolate-coated piece of buttery caramel is a delectable mainstay in many of our classic assortments.

  8. Dark Salted Caramel
    Rich dark chocolate, brown sugar caramel and a dash of sea salt? Yes, please. The perfect balance of sweet and salty, our Dark Salted Caramel is pure, irresistible joy in a bite. When it comes to this delectable caramel candy, you either love it...or you haven’t tried it yet!

  9. Milk Double Caramel
    Sometimes one kind of caramel just isn’t enough. This milk chocolate-covered piece has both chocolate butter caramel and creamy vanilla caramel. Try one and we promise your taste buds will thank you.

  10. Milk Almond Square
    Last but certainly not least, our Milk Almond Square features roasted almonds and vanilla caramel, half-dipped in silky milk chocolate. Crunchy, chewy and nutty, this caramel candy always hits the sweet spot.

Indulge in See’s Caramel and Butterscotch Candy

Now craving caramel? We don’t blame you! Be on the lookout for our deliciously new For the Love of Caramel box, available in shops and online while supplies last. This exciting collection won’t last long so stock up while you can!

You can also check out our Assorted Caramels, an all-year assortment of Butterchews®, Caramel Patties and more. And as always, we love to see you enjoy our candies! Tag us on social media @seescandies to show us all your treats.

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