See’s Thanksgiving Candies & Gifts

Beautiful and Bountiful Desserts Everyone Will Gobble Up

With the sun setting earlier and breeze growing cooler, fall is certainly in the air. This also means Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. There’s no better time to find new gift ideas and discover inspiring additions for your dinner and dessert tables. Here at See’s, we know the new Thanksgiving Treats you introduce today will become tomorrow’s traditions.

A Twist on Turkey: Thanksgiving Chocolates for Every Place Setting
While it’s unclear whether turkey was on the table during the first Thanksgiving, it has undoubtedly become the centerpiece of our modern celebrations. So, this year, why not sweeten your traditions by surprising each of your guests with a Chocolate Turkey on their plate. Available in milk chocolate and decadent dark chocolate, these festive favorites are wrapped in vibrant foil and make ideal Thanksgiving gifts.

Seasonal Pie Truffles Make Perfect Thanksgiving Treats
Whether it’s pecan, pumpkin or apple, a Thanksgiving dessert menu isn’t the same without pie. But baking pies is time-consuming, which is why See’s Candies Seasonal Pie Truffles are the perfect prep-free, oven-free treat (minus the gluten). Offered in popular Thanksgiving flavors of Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie and Cranberry Orange, these wildly delicious candies are available individually or as part of an assortment for a limited time, so grab your favorites while they’re still in stock.

And if seasonal flavors aren’t quite what you’re looking for, don’t forget our scrumptious selection of year-round rich and decadent truffles. With everything from Lemon Truffle, Blueberry Truffle and Raspberry Truffle to Café Hazelnut Truffle, Café Au Lait Truffle, Light Chocolate Truffle and more, there's something to satisfy everyone's tastes.

Finish Your Feast in Fabulous Style
Traditions are constantly changing and adapting (after all, the Pilgrims didn’t feast on chocolate turkeys), so why not bring something new to the table with a Thanksgiving candy cuterie board.

Equal parts appetizer, dessert and décor, a candy cuterie board is more than just a food offering — it’s a work of art. There’s no formula to building a cuterie board, but there are tried-and-true tips you can implement. Try including a balance of colors, sizes and flavors. Consider adding seasonal favorites like Chocolate Leaves, Sour Orange Pumpkins, Thanksgiving Chocolate Creams, Truffles and more. Just don’t forget to include everyone’s favorite, so your candy cuterie board is a hit.

Give Thanks (and Candy)
At See’s, we’re grateful that our Thanksgiving chocolates and Thanksgiving candies are part of your holiday celebrations. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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