Celebrate Mary See’s Birthday with Deals on Chocolates & Treats!

We’re celebrating our founder’s birthday with deals of the day and a whole lotta fun!

Make A Wish, Mary!
Before there was See’s Candies, there was simply Mary See. A talented candy maker in a small kitchen with a black-and-white checkered floor. Perfectly enough, her son Charles was a chocolate salesperson with the sweet dream of starting his own candy company. Together, they created the recipe for what would become the world’s best candy company (We may be biased...but we’re also not wrong).

In 1921, Charles and Mary moved from Canada to California, and soon the first See’s shop was born. Only 4 years later, there were a dozen shops across Los Angeles. From families to big Hollywood celebrities, everyone was quite literally eating it up. So much so, the candies were being delivered to customers on a branded Harley (for a little extra spice).

WWML (What Would Mary Like?)
Mary turns 168 on September 16, and it got us thinking what special gift we’d give her if she were here to celebrate. See’s has some birthday gifts that really take the cake, and we’re confident she would have enjoyed them all. However, we won’t be keeping our tasty treats to ourselves. In keeping with Mary’s generous spirit, we’re sharing some of what we think would be some of her favorites today!

Golden Goodies
With the motto, Quality Without Compromise, Mary deserves nothing less than the best. And when we think of the best, we think of gorgeous golden gifts. So, our Gold Fancy chocolate box would undoubtedly bring her birthday delight. This beautifully presented box is packed with milk and dark chocolates and makes a spectacular birthday surprise.

Chocolates and Chews
Mary enjoyed nothing more than sharing her candies with others. With a box of classic Birthday Wishes Assorted Chocolates, she would have not only found the candies she loved but would have also been able to treat those around her. Filled with a delightful mix of nuts, chews and soft centers, this delicious assortment is pure joy for chocolate-lovers.

Mary’s Own Magic
Did you know we still use Mary’s original peanut brittle recipe today? We cannot think of a better way to Mary See’s birthday than with a box of our Birthday Wishes Peanut Brittle. Plus, with more peanuts per square inch than any other brand, this makes a crunch, creamy and dreamy gift.

Tasty Truffles
Mary never had a chance to taste See’s Truffles; nevertheless, we’re sure she would have loved them. Combining white, dark and milk chocolate with creamy fruit and coffee-flavored centers, these unforgettable treats offer excitement in every bite.

Gift Giving Made Easy
Deciding on the perfect birthday gift is never easy, so why not let the recipient choose? With a See’s Gift Card, Mary could have selected from an exciting range of treats. Perhaps she’d have chosen Birthday Cake to mark her special day. With a golden vanilla buttercream center draped in white chocolate and topped with festive confetti, it’s as beautiful as it is tasty.

Celebrate with See’s Candies Deal of the Day
Mark your calendars for Mary See’s birthday week, September 10-17, and make sure to check our See’s Candies website for Deals of the Day featuring amazing new treats and free downloadable party favors. It’s our way of ensuring Mary’s love of family and quality confections is never forgotten.

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