3 Ways to Maximize Fundraising Profits

Exceeding your earning goals is effortless!

Year after year, organizations turn to See’s Candies for their fundraisers. Why? Because selling delicious candy that people love isn’t just profitable – it’s fun! The best part is your supporters enjoy the same prices found in shops while you earn up to 50% of the proceeds!

Flavorsome Philanthropy at Your Fingertips
From fresh ingredients to delectable flavor combinations and everything in between, there’s nothing like our American-made candies to get people reaching for their wallets. With three ways to get in on the fundraising (and the help of your dedicated Candy Concierge), you can choose the method that works best for your group, including:

  • Yum-Raising: Contact-free, virtual selling

  • Pre-Sell: Take orders, collect money and distribute the candy

  • Candy by the Carton: Buy in bulk, then sell individually wrapped treats

YAY! for Yum-Raising
Contact-free, paperless selling has never been so straightforward! With See’s Yum-Raising, you simply log in to set up your custom online fundraising shop, share the link with family and friends, and watch the sales stack up. See’s ships orders directly to your supporters and handles the backend details (like money and stressful paperwork), so all you have to do is check the sales tracking tools and record the profits. Plus, with no minimum order, every group is guaranteed to benefit.

Pre-Sell Your Way to Profits
While virtual fundraising has its charms, traditional, face-to-face selling can be extremely rewarding. With pre-sell fundraising, candy orders and funds are collected in person using our free forms and tools. Then, once the treats arrive, you hand-deliver the happiness. Pre-selling not only allows you to see the delight on supporter’s faces, but let’s you thank them personally for their donation. And when you sell more, you raise more because orders over $500 not only ship for free, but they qualify for even more cost savings.

Go Big with Candy by the Carton
If your fundraising plans include in-person gatherings, we have just the program for you! Candy by the Carton allows you to stock up on sweets ahead of time and keep 100% of the profits. So, whether it's a school event or the ballfield, you can maximize earnings at your convenience and instantly deliver the treats (and a thank you). Profits to go? Yes, please!

Meet Your Candy Concierge
Have you ever wondered what works (or, in some cases, doesn’t work) for other groups? Well, we have you covered! Every group receives a dedicated Candy Concierge — an in-house fundraising expert completely committed to your success. They can help answer any questions, offer guidance and serve as your biggest cheerleader. Finding a local Candy Concierge is easy — just visit your closest Volume Savings shop or call or text 800.733.7123.

Start Fundraising with See’s Today
At See’s, we have designed our programs to help you raise the (candy) bar on fundraising. Whether you choose to sell our mouthwatering products or convenient $25 gift cards (psst, you earn 15% on each one sold, and they never expire!), you can expect the following benefits:

  • Immediate earning with no sign-up required

  • Superior customer service

  • Complimentary pre-sell forms, bags, envelopes and banners

  • Year-round discounts for orders of $500 or more

  • And more

There’s never been a sweeter way to earn irresistible income than with See’s fundraising programs.

Set up a Fundraiser today.