Countdown to Christmas with the See's 2023 Advent Calendar

Make the Christmas countdown sweeter

The holiday season is a time of wonder and delight, and what better way to usher in Christmas magic than with our limited edition 2023 Advent Calendar? Filled with 24 festive, individually wrapped treats, our candy countdown gifts a little present every day leading up to Christmas morning. Yes, Santa Claus is (eventually) coming to town, but the month-long wait is a lot more fun when there’s a Christmas countdown calendar filled with chocolate and candy.

A Unique Christmas Gift for Every Day of December
The holiday season is full of special moments. Savor a small (and tasty) one every day with our Advent Calendar. Whether you open each day’s door in the morning or save it for an afternoon treat is entirely up to you, but we promise we won’t judge either way. The hardest part will be not opening all 24 surprises in the first week. Why will it be so difficult, you ask? We don’t want to give it all away but keep reading for a few hints.

Discover the Magic in Our Advent Calendar
Our 2023 Advent Calendar is a delightful blend of holiday magic and delectable treats. Our free-standing calendar showcases a playful winter wonderland with sledding penguins, skating polar bears, frolicking foxes and a truck-driving deer dashing through the snow to deliver Christmas trees. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, indeed. Our Advent Calendar doubles as holiday décor, perfect for displaying — just don’t be surprised when everyone asks you to share.

Luckily, with 24 delicious chocolates and candies (and the knowledge that Santa is still making his list and checking it twice), there are plenty of treats to go around. As far as which goodies you’ll find behind each numbered door… you might find smooth milk chocolates, rich dark chocolates, Lollypops and more, but we don’t want to give away too much as the surprise is half the fun!

It’s the Most Wonderful Gift of the Year
If you want to delight a family member or friend with a festive gift, our Advent Calendar is a fun-filled way to build excitement as they await Santa’s arrival. It’s a thoughtful gesture that spreads smiles day by day, one delectable bite at a time. It’s more than a Christmas countdown calendar — it’s a gift that will be remembered long after the last door is opened. A gift that’s perfect to turn into an annual tradition.

Make Our Christmas Advent Calendar a Sweet New Tradition
Advent calendars have been a cherished tradition for generations. In fact, their origin dates back to the mid-19th century when German Lutherans came up with creative ideas (like lighting candles and making chalk marks on doors) as a way to countdown the days leading up to Christmas. (Advent gets its name from adventus, the Latin word for “arrival.”) The first commercial Advent calendar wasn’t produced until the early 1900s, and, for reasons we’ll never understand, it took another 50 years for people to start filling them with chocolate.

Today, Advent calendars come in all shapes and sizes, but our candy-filled calendar is the one on everyone’s wish list. It became an instant hit as a Christmas gift idea when we introduced it last year, helping children, elves and reindeer everywhere create a sweet new tradition. After all, sugar plums are great, but when it comes to visions dancing in your head, it doesn’t get better than See’s candy.

Hurry—Our Christmas Countdown Advent Calendars are Flying Out of Santa’s Workshop
Don't miss your chance to make this holiday season extra special. Our limited edition 2023 Advent Calendar is a Christmas gift idea that’s sure to delight. Order yours today and experience the magic of See's Candies behind every door you open. Waiting for Christmas has never been sweeter.